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Rose wine

Rose wine

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Our Rosé Wine hails from Catalonia, think Costa Brava, Pyrenees and Lionel Messi. A no-nonsense quality wine we love ‘on the rocks’, no not Brighton Beach, but just with ice.

For all those wine connoisseurs among you, what you really want to know is that its a gorgeous, lip-smacking pink, brimming with juicy, ripe fruit; it’s creamy, fleshy, very seductive and a great allrounder.
London Wine Competition Silver Award Winner
PLEASE NOTE: There was a mistake at the canning factory when these were produced and they got date stamped when it wasn't required by law. It is still the usual delicious wine, but we don't feel we can sell it to you for the full price as we understand it might feel a bit strange buying something with a best before date on it. There's a limit to how much the two of us want to drink of it ;-) and we still want to showcase how fabulous it is, so we've decided to sell it at this vastly reduced price.
London Wine Competition Silver award winner
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